Zephyr Waste Solutions is an approved body by Sindh Environmental Protection Agency for
“Handling, Collection, Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous & Non Hazardous Waste”.

Hazardous waste is simply defined as a waste with properties that make it dangerous or capable of having a harmful effect on human health or the environment. Hazardous waste is generated from many sources, ranging from industrial manufacturing process wastes to batteries and may come in many forms, including liquids, solids gases, and sludges.
It includes;

  • Oily Rags & Filters
  • Asbestos Sheets
  • Chemicals
  • Expired Medicines
  • Hospital Waste etc


At Zephyr Waste Solutions, our approach is to reuse or recycle the wastes, whereas some wastes are recommended to incinerate properly in order to minimize the risks of health (Occupational illness) and environmental damages. Mostly all the hazardous Wastes such as fluorescent bulbs & tube lights, Used batteries, Oil filters/ oily rags, Clinical/Biological and pharmaceutical wastes are incinerated.

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